AKP MPs deem opposition colleague's heart attack in parliament 'God's wrath’

When opposition Felicity Party MP Hasan Bitmez suffered a heart attack in the Turkish Parliament, ruling AKP deputies shouted, "This is the wrath of God,” according to the parliamentary minutes.

Duvar English

When opposition Felicity Party (SP) deputy Hasan Bitmez on Dec. 12 fainted and fell down after finishing his speech in the parliamentary budget negotiations, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmakers shouted, "This is the wrath of God!”

Bitmez took the floor on behalf of the SP group and he made a speech criticizing the AKP's foreign policy. AKP deputies taunted him throughout his speech, and AKP lawmaker’s Özlem Zengin’s interventions throughout his speech recorded in the parliamentary minutes.

It was also noted in the minutes that there was constant noise from the AKP benches and banging on the desks. 

MP Bitmez criticized the AKP, which he accused of collaborating with Israel and concluded his speech, "If you get rid of the torment of conscience, you will not be able to get rid of the torment of history / If you get rid of the torment of history, you will not be able to get rid of the wrath of God.”

After saying these words, Bitmez fainted and fell on the floor of the parliament. "This is the wrath of God! This is the wrath of God!" was heard from the AKP benches, according to the minutes. This statement was recorded anonymously.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stated that Bitmez was connected to a heart-lung pump and that his health condition was "extremely critical and serious.”

After Bitmez suffered a heart attack in the parliament floor, the General Assembly closed to resume its work on Dec. 13.

Parliament Deputy Speaker Gülizar Biçer Karaca stated that they visited Bitmez together with representatives of all political parties and received information about his condition.