Ankara Municipality establishes food production facility for stray animals

The Ankara Municipality has established a food production facility with a daily target of three tons of food for stray animals.

Duvar English 

The Ankara Municipality's Department of Health Affairs has started producing food at the city’s Sincan Temporary Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center, using the foodstuffs obtained from overproduction and recycling.

The food produced at the facility will be used to feed the stray animals Ankara hosts.

“The use of restaurant leftovers to feed stray animals has long been on the agenda, but in practice, it’s not always possible to mix the leftovers and separate them from plastic forks, knives and toothpicks,” said Seyfettin Aslan, the head of the municipality's Department of Health Affairs. 

“We, at the municipality of Ankara, have established a facility to evaluate the food residues. We have started producing 1 ton a day in the first stage and thanks to our production, we will save 3.5 million TL annually and use this amount to meet the needs of other stray animals,” he added.

“There are many private and public institutions and organizations in Ankara. If they give us their food residues, we’ll turn it into food and feed stray animals,” Aslan said.