Boğaziçi University's appointed rector obtains restraining order against students

Appointed to his post undemocratically by President Erdoğan, Boğaziçi University rector Naci İnci obtained restraining orders against a dozen of his students with a women's protection law.

Duvar English

The second rector appointed to Boğaziçi University by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan this year, Prof. Naci İnci issued restraining orders for 14 of his students under Law 6284 designed to protect women from domestic violence, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on Oct. 27.

The prestigious higher education institution has been the site of months-long protests since the president's breach of academic independence in January, when he appointed party member Melih Bulu as head of the university. 

The second individual appointment by the president, İnci reportedly sought restraining orders against 14 students, 12 of whom were indeed sentenced to month-long restrictions by the court.

Two of the students against whom the rector sought restraining orders were the subject of several separate complaints by İnci, and are currently in prison. 

"The protection of women, children and family members subject to violence or at risk of enduring violence, as well as the protection of persons subject to insistent stalking," is the scope of Law 6284 that the rector granted himself protection under. 

Women's organizations across the country protested the restraining orders on the grounds that Turkish courts refuse women protection under this law at the cost of femicides. 

"We're faced with a horrible abuse of Law 6284," said lawyer Burçin Şahan. "The state of the judicial system is apparent in the fact that Naci İnci can enforce a law we can't use to protect women."

A violation of the restraining order will lead to imprisonment of the students, the attorney added.