Brother of former MHP mayor attacks CHP municipal council member in central Turkey

A group close to the former MHP mayor of the Pınarbaşı district in central Turkey’s Kayseri province attacked CHP council member Şerafettin Bahadır, shooting him in the foot and battering him. The district recently held repeat elections where CHP reemerged victorious.

Bahadır is a member of the CHP's Pınarbaşı district municipal council.

Duvar English

Five people on June 21 attacked the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) district council member Şerafettin Bahadır in central Kayseri province’s Pınarbaşı district. Bahadır was shot in the foot, and severely beaten. He was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit, according to reporting by the ANKA. 

The group was allegedly led by Ejder Uzunluoğlu, brother of former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) mayor Menduh Uzunluoğlu. The district switched to a CHP administration in the local elections of March 31, and elections were repeated on June 2 due to the objection of the MHP. 

In the rerun, CHP candidate Deniz Yağan received 6,783 votes while MHP candidate Menduh Uzunluoğlu got 6,494 votes.

Ejder Uzunluoğlu was detained by gendarmerie forces following the attack. After the incident, Bahadır's family and CHP members gathered at Kayseri City Hospital. 

Bahadır’s relatives claimed he had been receiving threats for two months and accused MHP Kayseri Deputy Baki Ersoy.

CHP Chair Özgür Özel commented on the attack in a social media post, stating the attack was a result of the MHP being unable to come to terms with its loss. 

The chair wrote, "Those who couldn't accept the results of the March 31 election, threatened judges, and unfairly repeated the election with insults and abuse, received the same response from the people again in the rerun.”

Özel continued, “Instead of accepting this response and heeding the people's message, they attacked an innocent person defenselessly in front of his daughter, beating him with sticks and shooting him. Let it be known that this is neither bravery nor valor; it is sheer cowardice.”