Case file reveals WhatsApp drug dealing group of AKP member sacked for cocaine use

Kürşat Ayvatoğlu, who was sacked from the AKP over drug use, was part of a WhatsApp group where he traded photos and information about drugs he used with his friends, the daily Sözcü reported on April 1. Police reportedly found pills in Ayvatoğlu's residence, which he said he thought were painkillers.

Duvar English

A staff member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) who got ousted for drug use, Kürşat Ayvatoğlu, had a WhatsApp group with his friends for "obtaining illegal substances," the daily Sözcü reported on April 1. 

A police investigation including Ayvatoğlu's cell phone revealed the drug dealing between the former AKP member and three of his friends, with photos of the drugs actually exchanged on the group.

Witness Yağız M. also testified to obtaining drugs and hiring escorts through the AKP member, while another witness named Dolunay O. said that Ayvatoğlu told him to testify in his favor on March 25.

Ayvatoğlu was detained on March 26 after footage of him snorting cocaine in a car surfaced on social media, prompting outrage in the public. 

Police also recovered a large number of pills in Ayvatoğlu's residence, which he said he thought were painkillers, and a witness confirmed the friend group recreationally used the pills.  

Ayvatoğlu had also claimed that the white substance he was seen snorting on the videos was in fact powdered sugar.