Cell phone video shows moment of armed attack on Turkish opposition politician

A cell phone footage that emerged on Jan. 19 showed the moment of the attack on opposition Future Party politician Selçuk Özdağ that took place on Jan. 15 in Ankara. Gunshots can be heard and a car without a license plate is seen in the footage.

Duvar English

The cell phone footage of an armed attack on an opposition politician emerged on Jan. 19, showing the moment multiple men carrying weapons and sticks attacking Future Party deputy leader Selçuk Özdağ. 

Özdağ was wounded as a result of the attack in front of his house in the capital Ankara on Jan. 15, prompting opposition politicians to urge the government to reveal who the perpetrators were. 

The footage showed Özdağ chasing the attackers, who drove away in a vehicle without a license plate. 

Three people are still sought by the police, Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office said, while two people are under detention.

The investigation into the incident revealed that the attack was planned beforehand and the assailants rented a car to not get caught. They then waited in front of Özdağ's house to attack him. 

Strikingly, one of the assailants who were detained, Abdurrahman Gülseven, was revealed to be the person who praised the ISIS attack on a peace rally on Oct. 10, 2015, which left over 100 people dead and scores of others wounded. 

"It could have been better," Gülseven wrote on social media at the time, journalist Alican Uludağ reported, adding that he is currently tried over making ISIS propaganda.