COVID-19 patients marked with mandatory wristbands in Mardin

The southeastern Turkey province of Mardin will be "marking" COVID-19 patients and their close encounters with mandatory wristbands, the governor's office said. The province will fine anyone who takes off their wristband, as it was found to be a violation of the public health code.

Duvar English

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The provincial health board of southeast Mardin ruled on Sept. 10 that all COVID-19 patients will be mandated to wear a disposable wristband, which they can be fined for taking off, and even suspending businesses temporarily if they're found in violation of precautionary measures.

The Mardin Health Board ruled that officials will put wristbands on COVID-19 patients and people they are close with, determined through the Health Ministry's "filiation system."

"It was also ruled that anyone who takes off their wristband will be in violation of the isolation rule, and be fined 3,150 Turkish Lira per the 282nd article of the Public Health Code," an official statement from the Mardin Governor's Office said.

While "inspection will be at maximum" level, first-time violators of any COVID-19 precautions in public spaces will be given a warning.

"Second violations will be fined," the governor's office said, adding that "Public transportation and commercial vehicles will be suspended from operations for one day on the third violation."

A fourth violation by a commercial vehicle will bring upon a three-day suspension of business, the governor's office ruled.

The provincial authority urged all municipalities and public officials to comply with the guidelines, urging the law to be enforced "starting with judicial fines."

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