DNA from abusive ex-boyfriend matches evidence in young woman's suspicious death

DNA evidence found on 21-year-old Aleyna Çakır following her death, was finally matched to Ümitcan Uygun, the prime suspect in the case who shared videos of himself assaulting Çakır when she was alive. Uygun wasn't detained for seven months after Çakır's death, and was only taken into custody on drug charges.

Duvar English

DNA evidence collected from the body of 21-year-old Aleyna Çakır after her suspicious death in June of 2020 was finally matched to her abusive ex-boyfriend Ümitcan Uygun, the prime suspect who's boasted about his impunity for nearly eight months since the young woman's death.

A forensic report dated Feb. 4 matched semen and skin cells from the young woman's body to Uygun's, confirming former proof of his guilt in abusing Çakır, as he had broadcast videos of himself assaulting her while she was alive. 

Çakır, legally named Sema Esen, was found dead in her apartment in June 2020, and her death was initially ruled as a suicide. A forensic examination of the young woman's body later revealed bruises and signs of assault and battery.

Uygun wasn't detained until Jan. 18, when he was finally taken into police custody on drug charges, with Turkish law enforcement once again displaying their reluctance to prosecute violent crimes against women.