Eight Turks, including soldiers, 'seek political asylum from Greece'

Eight Turkish nationals, including soldiers, have reportedly sought political asylum from Greece. The group was trying to reach France, but was caught in Crete, Greek media reported.

Picture taken from Cretalive.

Duvar English

Eight Turkish nationals, including soldiers, have sought political asylum from Greece, Greek media reported on Aug. 22. 

The individuals were in a small sailing boat in the port of Tsoutsoura, south of Heraklion, Crete when they were nabbed, reports said. 

The group said that their initial plan was to head to France when they were detained for entering the country illegally. 

According to Greek City Times, the group's boat was damaged when they were fleeing Turkey. Greek fishermen responded to the distress call and towed them back to safety to the coastal settlement of the municipality of Minoa Pediados, it said. 

Whether the soldiers are on duty or former ones remain unknown. 

Sources in Crete told Duvar's Nikolaos Stelya that Greek authorities are refraining from sharing the details of the incident with the public due to it being a sensitive issue and over "national security" concerns. 

Those currently in detention were being prosecuted in Turkey, news portal Cretalive said.