Erdoğan aide accuses mafia boss of acting upon orders of Turkey's enemies

President Erdoğan's chief adviser Oktay Saral has accused mafia leader Sedat Peker of acting upon the orders of Turkey's enemies. "Our state will do what's necessary," he said.

Vehicles and military equipment sent to Syria by Sedat Peker are seen in these file photos.

Duvar English

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's chief adviser Oktay Saral has accused mafia leader Sedat Peker of collaborating with Turkey's enemies. 

Saral was responding to Peker's eighth YouTube video dated May 30, in which the organized crime leader claimed that a paramilitary group that reportedly acts as Erdoğan's parallel army sent weapons to al-Nusra in Syria. 

In the video that was instantly watched by thousands of people, Peker responded to Erdoğan's remarks on backing Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, saying that he will talk about his relationship with the president in the next video. 

Shortly after Peker released the video, Saral denied the claims and said that the state will do "what's necessary." 

"Peker has revealed that he is under the orders of Turkey's enemies and domestic evil alliances with his nonsensical statements. Our state will do what's necessary and all powers will understand that this country won't be weakened with these types of nonsense," Saral said. 

Peker, a pan-Turkist and Turanist organized crime boss who fled Turkey in early 2020 to avoid prosecution, has been releasing videos for the past month that include serious allegations, including murders, against current and former politicians in a bid to take revenge for the operations launched into his organization.

Although mostly infuriated due to being sidelined, Peker, an ally-turned-foe of the government, repeatedly says he releases the videos as a reaction against police officers raiding his house and pointing guns towards his wife and little daughters.