Even ruling alliance supporters believe economy is mismanaged, poll shows

According to a new poll released by the research firm MetroPOLL, the majority of the government supporters believe that the Turkish economy is mismanaged.

Duvar English

The majority of the ruling People’s Alliance supporters believe that the Turkish economy is currently mismanaged, according to new research by the polling firm MetroPOLL. 

In the midst of this historic economic crisis, 56.6% of Justice and Development Party (AKP) voters believe the economy is mismanaged, while a shocking 69.3% of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) voters believe this to be true. Overall, 76.1% of those surveyed answered “I think the economy is poorly managed,” according to the results shared by MetroPoll head Özer Sencar.

This number jumped to 96.8% of respondents among main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) voters, 98.7% among People’s Democratic Party (HDP) voters, and 100% among Felicity Party (SP) voters. 

20.2% of respondents overall said the economy is well managed – 38.9% of AKP voters and 25% of MHP voters. This represents a shocking departure from general polling trends in Turkey, which often see AKP supporters, in particular, supporting their party’s administrative moves. 

The results also showed that the percentage of people thinking the economy is mismanaged is on the rise as the figure was 44.4% in 2014, while it currently stands at 76.1%. 

Many analysts in Turkey believe that the outcome of the 2023 election will hinge on the economy. Currently, the CHP is only one point behind the AKP in election polling. 

Currently, official inflation in Turkey stands at 48.6%, though many economists believe it to be far higher. Prices of basic goods, such as food, gas, and paper products, have all skyrocketed, while housing prices are up by over 100% in some cities in Turkey.