Duvar English 

Two hundred and twenty workers in Turkey died during the month of April, 103 of which succumbed to the novel coronavirus, according to a report from the Health and Safety Labor Watch (İSİG). 

Forty-seven percent of the deaths were from the coronavirus, while 14 percent resulted from traffic accidents and 11 percent occurred due to the workers being crushed while on the job. Other instances included being electrically shocked, falling from heights, and suffering heart attacks. 

The average age of workers who died from coronavirus was 51, and the İSİG report indicated that many of these workers suffered from chronic illnesses that had begun in their 40’s. 

More than a quarter of the deaths occurred in Istanbul, where 66 workers died in April. The vast majority of the workers were men, while 14 women died last month. Eight refugees and four children were among those who lost their lives. Only 16 of the workers that died in April were union members. 

According to the report, at least 580 workers have died on the job thus far in 2020. 

Forty-two percent of those who died were agricultural workers, while 31 percent worked in trade, 28 percent were healthcare workers, 22 percent were construction workers, and 22 percent worked in transportation and shipping.