Duvar English 

A number of Turkish actors unions, in addition to the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), have published a guidebook concerning the conditions of actors working amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, warning that they should not be on set for longer than 11 hours a day. 

More than ten unions representing actors and industry employees joined in co-authoring the guidebook. 

It says that all employees involved in the pre-production, shooting and post-production processes must not work without insurance, and that scripts and screenplays should be written on the basis of including the least possible number of actors and on-set staff as possible.

The guidebook detailed that everyone on set must abide by proper hygiene standards and pay attention to personal hygiene, and that all venues where shoots are taking place should be inspected by job safety experts prior to shooting. It also said that no one who is not working on set should be admitted. 

The guidebook also stated that decisions regarding people on set displaying symptoms should be made together with a job safety expert, an on-site doctor and an employer representative.