Duvar English

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has called it “irresponsible” of Dutch citizens to go on holiday to Turkey, despite the warnings of the government.

Nieuwenhuizen called on Dutch citizens of Turkish descent not to go to Turkey, saying family visits are not “essential,” according to a report issued by BBC’s Turkish service on July 1. The minister reportedly made the comments during a session at the Dutch parliament.

Netherlands’ coronavirus travel advice for Turkey currently stands at ‘orange’: travel only if absolutely essential.

“This means you can go to this country only if it is mandatory. This does not include holidays or family visits,” Nieuwenhuizen said.

The minister also warned Dutch tour operator Corendon which has recently announced that it will begin to carry passengers to Turkey starting on July 10.

“Everyone should be aware of their responsibility. Going to a country on the orange list is irresponsible and is an anti-social behavior. This is not just for your own selves, but also poses a great risk for the Dutch society when you come back,” she said.

The minister recalled that those who go to Turkey for holiday or family visits will be placed under quarantine for two weeks when they come back.

Turkey is one of the favorite destinations for travelers from the Netherlands, with some 1.1 million Dutch citizens having visited the country in 2019 alone.