Kaz Mountains' water source threatened by yet another drilling project

The drilling activity of a private company is once again threatening the water source for locals of the western Kaz Mountains. The mountain range had been the site of a controversial mining project up until recently, when the project was suspended upon mass public outcry.

Serpil Kurtay / DUVAR

Villagers of Turkey's western Kaz Mountains are concerned over drilling activities near their primary water source of Kaynarca Stream, as they leave behind a year filled with environmental battles. 

The site of a highly controversial gold mining project that was halted upon public outcry, Kaz Mountains are now facing water pollution from drilling by private TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc.

Residents of 14 local villages noticed muddy water running from their taps a while ago, and noticed the drilling near Kaynarca Stream, where workers also sucked water out of the river.

Upon inspection, representatives of the Kazdağı Natural and Cultural Heritage Association noted that the drilling had been done near a water distribution spot, and that this was the reason for the muddy discharge. 

Meanwhile, Kazdağı Protection Association petitioned the local Forestry Directorate for an official report of the drilling activities and said that they would follow along with the activity.