Miracle on 25th day of earthquakes: Dog rescued alive

Some 25 days after the major earthquakes of Feb. 6, a dog has been rescued alive from rubble in southern Hatay’s Antakya district.

Duvar English

A dog was rescued alive on March 2, some 25 days after two major earthquakes hit Turkey’s southeastern region on Feb. 6.

The miracle happened in the southern Hatay province’s Antakya district, according to reporting by the state-run Anadolu Agency

As the Disaster and Emergency Authority (AFAD) teams had initiated works to remove rubble from one of the collapsed buildings, they heard a voice.

Following the rescue operation, the teams reached a terrier breed dog. The dog managed to stay alive all these days due to having food in the area it was stuck at. The dog was later dispatched to a vet clinic for check up.

During the search efforts, the AFAD teams have also found the dead body of a person believed to be the dog’s owner.