Newly elected New Welfare Party MP turns out to have three wives

It has come out to light that the newly elected New Welfare Party lawmaker Ali Yüksel has three wives, two of whom he has unofficially married. Women's rights organizations have said that the inclusion of such a person in the parliament legitimizes crime and "is a violation on behalf of women."

Duvar English

Women's rights groups have reacted against the inclusion of Islamist New Welfare Party lawmaker Ali Yüksel in the parliament as it came out to light that apart from his official wife, the lawmaker is unofficially married to two other women.

“The inclusion of this person in the Turkish Parliament is wrong, mistake, crime and violation on behalf of women,” said Turkish Federation of Women’s Associations (TKDF) Chairwoman Canan Güllü, according to reporting by the daily Cumhuriyet.

Istanbul Bar Association Women Rights Center President Birsel Baş Topaloğlu said that it was concerning for people like Yüksel who defends polygamy and has ideas against secularism to be in the parliament.

“Istanbul Convention was withdrawn from in one night, and right now the abolition of the Law No. 6284 (to Protect Family and Prevent Violence Against Women) is being talked about, said Topaloğlu.

Lawyer Hülya Gülbahar said that the inclusion of New Welfare Party and HÜDA-PAR lawmakers in the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lists turned the parliament into the “most misogynist” parliament in its history.

“Today we are coming across promises such as the criminalization of adultery and ban on flirtation. In the last 20 years, polygamy of men is trying to be legitimized in Turkey and the judiciary system is trying to be turned into this step by step. The issue of polygamy of men is directly connected to child abuse,” she said.