One kilo of hair sells for 10,000 liras in Turkish wig market

Turkish wig makers have been suffering as a result of the increased processing of women's hair, as the decreased supply of healthy hair has pushed the price of one kilo to 10,000 Turkish Liras. One wig requires around 200 to 250 grams of hair, which is around 15 inches in length, wigmaker Özgür Demir said.

Duvar English

Wig makers in Turkey have been victimized by women's increased practice of bleaching and dyeing their hair, as the destructive processes diminish the supply of thick, healthy, and shiny hair, and increase the price of the commodity to 10,000 Turkish Liras per kilo.

The supply of healthy Turkish hair used to be provided by hair collectors who traveled around the country and bought women's hair in small villages, said wigmaker of 20 years Özgür Demir.

"Now we receive hair through hairdressers who direct us to women who want to cut off their long hair. Sometimes women will end up selling their hair because they need the money," Demir said. 

A standard wig requires 200 to 250 grams of hair, Demir said, adding that it sells for about 2,500 liras, while more labor-intensive lace front wigs sell for around 5,000 liras. 

The amount of hair needed for one wig is yielded when a woman cuts off around 40 centimeters, or 15 inches of hair, Demir noted, adding that Turkish women's hair is preferred worldwide for its thickness.