Pro-government Yeni Akit's editor-in-chief targets Rakel Dink over her criticism of state on husband's murder case

Yeni Akit editor-in-chief Ali Karahasanoğlu has targeted Rakel Dink, wife of assassinated Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, in his column over her criticism of the state for failing to prevent her husband's murder and identify the actual perpetrators. “Impudent, impertinent remarks with insults against the state...Who are spoiling these people?” Karahasanoğlu wrote on Jan. 20.

Rakel Dink is seen in this file photo.

Duvar English

Ali İhsan Karahasanoğlu, editor-in-chief of pro-government Islamist Yeni Akit newspaper, has targeted Rakel Dink, wife of slain Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, in his column on Jan. 20.

Karahasanoğlu called Rakel Dink “impertinent” after she said that the state was a partner in crime in her husband's murder during the Jan. 19-dated commemoration ceremony.

“Impudent, impertinent remarks with insults against the state...Who are spoiling these people? A handful of people from the CHP, a handful of people from the HDP, and a handful of artsy-fartsy people of our neighborhood, who are keen on being sweet for them,” Yeni Akit editor-in-chief wrote, using the acronym of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

“Hrant Dink..Hrant Dink..Thousands of our soldiers, police officers have been martyred. If you personally tell me to name 10 of them, I am not sure I will be able to complete the list..But we have also memorized Hrant Dink,” he wrote.

Dink was shot dead on Jan. 19, 2007 on Halaskargazi Street, in the Şişli district of Istanbul, where the headquarters of the Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper Agos are located. 

Fourteen years after Dink's assassination, the trial of several people accused of involvement in the murder, including government security officials, is still dragging on.

Standing at the spot where her husband was slain, Rakel Dink on Jan. 19 slammed Ankara's reluctance to prosecute public officials in the case.

“My husband's case is going on for 14 years. They could not solve a murder case in 14 years! They could not solve it because the aim is not to solve it. They are putting in an effort to close it, but it has spread everywhere, so they are unable to box it up,” she said.