Reporter, women probed for protesting Istanbul Convention withdrawal

Some 33 women, including a reporter of Mesopotamia Agency, will be probed for violating protest and demonstration laws for a demonstration they held to protest the government's thoughts of withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention.

Police are seen battering a demonstrator in Ankara on Aug. 12, 2020.

Duvar English

A reporter from Mesopotamia Agency, a group of activists, and members of the Ankara Women's Platform are being probed for allegedly violating demonstration and protests law in an August press statement condemning the state's contemplation to withdraw from Istanbul Convention.  

Mesopotamia Agency employee Eylem Akdağ was reporting on the press release on Aug. 12, 2020, where the Ankara Women's Platform condemned plans by the government to withdraw from the key piece of legislation sanctioning women against violence in Turkey. 

The group of 33 women was indicted on Feb. 10, with the prosecutor seeking up to three years in prison for all of them and dubbing the Ankara Women's Platform "an organization of Ankara Women's Assembly with no legal foundation."

The women who were indicted were also battered by police during their detentions on Aug. 12 in Ankara, while Akdağ was released after a brief detention.