Return to parliamentary system ruled out in AKP's draft constitution

Turkey's ruling AKP has ruled out a possible return to a parliamentary system in its draft constitution. The opposition has been focused on returning to a parliamentary system due to the current presidential one's shortcomings.

Duvar English

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has ruled out returning to a parliamentary system and hasn't included the transition in its draft constitution that will be revealed before the new year, Turkish daily Sabah reported on Sept. 30.

Transitioning back to a parliamentary system has been a priority among the political opposition not just in the context of the upcoming general elections, but also in daily debates: Implemented in a 2017 referendum, the presidential system is considered to be a source of injustice in the country as it deteriorated the principles of the separation of powers and checks and balances. 

"[The opposition] can't be too happy with the parliamentary system, since they use expressions like 'strengthened' and 'improved.' AKP doesn't welcome ideas of bringing back the prime minister's position or the lowering of the 50+1 percent votes requirement to elect president," AKP sources told Sabah. 

The AKP reportedly plans to re-introduce the practice of verbal parliamentary inquiries and ministers will be required to visit parliament regularly to answer deputies' questions. 

The party also seeks to increase parliament's duties within the presidential system: The new legislation will allow for ministers' election from parliament, and their return to deputyship after their cabinet duties end.

The current presidential system doesn't allow for deputies' return to their parliament seats after they serve in the cabinet, which encourages the formation of a government with politicians who are not MPs.

Allowing for ministers' return to deputyship aims to create collaboration between the legislative and executive branches of government, and the new constitution will also allow for deputies to call for investigations, according to the AKP. 

The draft constitution will reportedly call for votes of confidence for the Defense Ministry, Justice Ministry, Interior Ministry and Foreign Ministry.