Social media allegations of 'Afghan refugee beating Turkish youth' turn out to be bogus

A Turkish youth was attacked in the western province of İzmir due to his metalhead appearance. Shortly afterwards, social media posts alleged that the assailant was an Afghan refugee, but in fact, he turned out to be a Turk. “The incident is not about refugees. The person who did this to me is a Turk,” wrote the attacked youth on social media.

Duvar English

Several posts on social media alleged that a group consisting of Afghan refugees attacked a Turkish youth due to his metalhead appearance in the western province of İzmir.

Afterwards, Victory Party (Zafer Partisi) chairman Ümit Özdağ, known for his racist remarks against refugees, shared a photo of the beaten youth on Twitter, writing: “They are coming from Afghanistan and telling people how to dress and live in Turkey. They are beating those whom they don't like. Do not be afraid! They will go away!”

Özdağ later deleted his tweet after it came out to light that the person who attacked the Turkish youth was in fact a Turkish citizen, not an Afghan refugee as claimed on social media.

The attacked youth clarified the issue on his social media, saying: “Guys, the incident is not about refugees. The person who did this to me is a Turk. Everyone wrote [on social media] that he was a refugee due to his appearance and way of talking. And when everyone wrote that way, I also thought so. But, he turned out to be a Turk.”

The attacked youth also said that he had filed a criminal complaint against the individual in question and wanted him to get the necessary punishment.