Stray cat refusing to come down from roof suspected to hate people

A stray cat living in Turkey's Çorum has refused to come down from a roof for the past four years, leading residents of the area to believe that the cat hates humans, Sputnik Turkish reported on Oct. 28.

Duvar English

A stray cat living in Turkey's Çorum has refused to come down from a roof it jumped on about four years ago, leading residents who know it to think that the animal hates people, Sputnik Turkish reported on Oct. 28. 

Nearby shop owners and residents reportedly leave water and food for the cat on the roof, but the animal never approaches them, and only eats the food when the humans leave. 

"This cat jumped on this roof two or three years before the pandemic started, and we haven't been able to bring it down since," said nearby tea house owner Muttalip Yavuz.

All efforts by the fire department to bring the cat down have also failed, local business owners said, adding that they feed it liver, fish and chicken alongside regular cat food. 

"You could say that it's cross with humanity, it's decided to lead its life far away from humans on the roof, without ever mingling with people," Yavuz said. 

A shoe shop owner near the cat's residence said that the cat meows at them from the roof if they don't bring food, adding that "this cat's story is a big one, a very big one."

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is known for its stray animals, although animal rights defenders say that the country's protective laws are insufficient.