Syrian refugee killed by armed masked group in Istanbul

A 19-year-old Syrian refugee was killed by a masked armed group who had broken into his house in Istanbul's Bayrampaşa district on Jan. 10.

Nail Alnaif was killed by an armed masked group on Jan 10.

Fırat Bulut / DUVAR

A group wearing masks on Jan. 10 evening attacked a house accomodating Syrian refugees in Istanbul's Bayrampaşa district. The group entered the house by breaking its door and holding sticks and knives.

The group killed the 19-year-old Nail Alnaif in his chest, as he was sleeping in his room.

The murderers also broke the cameras located at the entrance of the apartment. Five people have been detained in connection to the murder.

The killed Alnaif's flatmates said that the attack occurred at around 1-1.30 a.m. and that they did not know the murderers. They also said that they decided to return back to Syria after the murder.

Refugees living in Turkey have been increasingly targeted by hate crimes and hate speech and are blamed for the country's deepening social and economic crises.

(English version by Didem Atakan)