Turkey detains 300 refugees found in a lorry near Iranian border

Turkish security forces have detained some 300 refugees near its Iranian border. The refugees, who were found in a lorry, were in miserable condition.

Duvar English 

Turkish security forces have detained a total of 300 refugees who were found in a lorry in the eastern province of Van near the country's Iranian border. 

The refugees, of whom 264 were from Afghanistan, 30 from Pakistan and six from Iran, were found in a miserable condition due to being packed in a single lorry in the Çaldıran district.

The incident comes amid a new refugee influx from Afghanistan caused by the flare-up of violence between the Taliban and government forces. 

Thousands of refugees have crossed into Turkey from Iran in the past couple of weeks. 

In the operation carried out on Aug. 3, security forces detained four people, including the lorry's driver, over human smuggling. 

The refugees were taken to a migration center and underwent medical controls.