Turkey’s US Embassy issues safety alert amid anti-US demonstrations, boycott protests

The United States Mission in Turkey on Nov. 8 issued a safety alert for U.S. citizens in Turkey, citing the ongoing possibility of demonstrations against U.S. foreign policy and boycott calls against U.S.-based businesses.

Duvar English

The United States Embassy in Turkey on Nov. 8 issued a safety warning for its citizens living in Turkey. The report warned against demonstrations critical of the U.S. foreign policy on the Palestine-Israel conflict and boycotts against U.S.-based businesses, according to reporting by the news outlet T24. 

The written statement reported that recent protests at the Turkey branches of U.S. cafes and fast food chains have “disrupted business and escalated to vandalism, property damage, and some injuries to individuals.”

The embassy underscored that it expect more demonstrations critical of U.S. foreign policy alongside calls for boycotts of U.S. businesses.  "Large gatherings may result in enhanced police presence, road closures, and traffic disruptions. Any gathering, even those intended to be peaceful, could escalate and turn violent,” the alert continued.  

The embassy also recommended to its citizens to "Exercise caution and stay alert at locations publicly associated with the United States or Israel," and "keep a low profile."

A Turkish man on Oct. 30 attacked a U.S. based fast-chain Burger King restaurant in southern Adana province and stabbed an employee, arguing its food is tainted with "baby blood," possibly implying that it supports Israel against Palestinians. A man on Nov. 8 attacked another franchise of Burger King in Istanbul and broke the windows of the restaurant.

Also, some state and public institutions, including Turkish Parliament, began to boycott certain firm's products over their "support to Israel."