Turkish Islamist daily blasts La Casa de Papel actress for 'praising PKK'

Islamist fundamentalist Yeni Akit blasted La Casa de Papel actress Itziar Ituno Martinez after she said that Kurdish women's fight for freedom was an inspiration in her home country of Spain.

Duvar English

Islamist Turkish daily Yeni Akit said on Oct. 29 that La Casa de Papel actress Itziar Ituno Martinez had given compliments to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), dubbed a terrorist organization by Ankara, during a movie preview in Istanbul.

Martinez was in Istanbul for a preview of Metin Yeğin's new movie "Grev" where she was cast, and met with Başak Demirtaş, wife of imprisoned pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş.

"She's even sweeter than she appears on the screen. And we have so many common problems and wishes with dear Itziar," Demirtaş wrote as a caption for the photo on her Twitter account. 

The daily Yeni Akit slammed the meeting, saying that Martinez was best known for her role in La Casa de Papel, streamed on Netflix "that's one of the platforms where debauchery is imposed."

It also used Martinez's role in the series as a way to insult her. 

"Are we surprised? La Casa De Papel's robber praised PKK terrorists!" Yeni Akit said. 

"Martinez, revealed to be a lover of terrorism, gave an interview to PKK media outlet Yeni Yaşam where she gushed over female terrorists in Rojava," the daily said. 

In reality, the actress had said that Kurdish women's fight for freedom is seen as an inspiration in her home country of Spain.