Turkish Parliament receives proposals seeking to lift immunity of 9 opposition MPs

The Turkish Parliament on Jan. 4 received summaries of proceedings seeking to have legislative immunity lifted for nine deputies from the opposition CHP, DEM Party, and TİP. The Joint Constitution and Justice Committee of the Parliament will examine the proposals.

Duvar English

The summaries of proceedings proposing to lift the legislative immunity of nine deputies on Jan. 4 reached the Turkish Parliament. The proposals seek to lift the immunities of deputies from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), pro-Kurdish Democracy and Equality (DEM) Party, and Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP).

The Joint Constitution and Justice Committee of Parliament will examine the summaries of proceedings and hold the authority to accept lifting legislative immunity or postpone the ruling until the end of the legislative term 2027. 

The nine deputies whose immunities are sought to lift are Salihe Aydeniz, Burcugül Çubuk, Sırrı Sakık and Keziban Konukcu Kok from DEM Party, TİP’s only Istanbul deputy Sera Kadıgil, and CHP’s Mahmut Tanal, Gökçe Gökçen, Ayhan Barut and Melih Meriç. 

Should the commission accept lifting the legislative immunities of the deputies, they will appear in court while holding their parliamentary positions. 

The commission received another eight summaries of proceedings seeking legislative immunities of eight lawmakers lifted, including CHP MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu in October 2023.