Turkish woman gifts five liters of gasoline to husband on Valentine’s Day amidst economic crisis

A Turkish woman has gifted five liters of gasoline to her husband on Valentine's Day amidst the economic crisis. Gülay Şimşek said her husband had bought her five liters of sunflower oil last year due to price hikes and this year she bought gasoline for him for the same reason.

Duvar English 

Gülay Şimşek, who lives in the Black Sea province of Artvin's Hopa district, gifted her husband a plastic can filled with five liters of gasoline for Valentine's Day.

Gülay Şimşek invited her husband Yaşar Şimşek to a luxury restaurant and put the plastic can on the table in public after the dinner, daily Cumhuriyet reported

“Last year, he bought me five liters of [sunflower] oil due to the price hikes. This year, I bought him five liters of gasoline because of the price hikes on gasoline. This way, he will be able to take me to my mother when I want,” she said.

In 2021, fuel prices were increased 46 times in total in Turkey.

A Tiktok video about sunflower oil had become viral last year. In the video, family members were seen respecting the oil brought to the house.  

Inflation leaped to near 50% in January, raising the cost of living for Turks who are already struggling to make ends meet.