Islamist group attacks Starbucks, Burger King stores in southeast Turkey over alleged Israel support

A group of men chanting Islamic slogans stormed Starbucks and Burger King branches in southeastern Turkey’s Diyarbakır province, over the chains’ alleged support of the Israeli regime. This is the latest of the string of attacks on US-affiliated businesses in Turkey.

Duvar English

An Islamist group on June 22 stormed the Starbucks and Burger King stores located in the city center of southeastern Diyarbakır province in Turkey, protesting the brands’ alleged support of Israel. 

The group chanted Islamic slogans such as “War, Jihad, Martyrdom,” and held placards that read, “Down with Zionism,” “Down with the U.S.”

Patrons scuffled as the group entered the store and damaged pieces of furniture, according to reporting by the Mesopotamia Agency (MA).  Some employees and guests were reportedly battered. 

The Diyarbakır Bar Association stated that the attacks have caused great fear and anxiety in citizens and employees. 

"While we respect everyone's right to organize peaceful assemblies and demonstrations without prior permission under the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration, we cannot accept the exercise of this right in a manner that involves entering workplaces and causing fear and panic among the people present.”

The Bar Association called for common sense to prevent violent incidents from occurring and urged authorities to take the necessary precautions.

United States-based businesses such as Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, and Burger King Turkey have been the target of anti-Israeli protestors across Turkey since October 7, with groups entering stores, disrupting businesses, or gunning down windows. 

However, the Turkish operations of these chains deny any affiliation with Israel. 

The US embassy of Turkey had issued a safety warning for its nationals to "Exercise caution and stay alert at locations publicly associated with the United States or Israel," after a string of attacks and protests.