Turkish man releases box of mice into McDonald’s restaurant to protest alleged support to Israel

A Turkish man in Istanbul released a box of mice into a McDonald’s restaurant by saying “Eat these mice, not the meat of Muslims,” implying that the fast food chain supports Israel.

Duvar English

A Turkish man threw a box of mice into a McDonald’s restaurant in Istanbul’s Güngören district to “protest” the fast food chain’s alleged relations with Israel.

In a video recording the moments, the man is seen shouting “Eat these mice, not the meat of Muslims,” “Bombs have been falling there (Gaza) for days,” and “You are also a Muslim somehow” to the customers, online news outlet T24 reported on Nov. 6.

After McDonald's Israel said it has given thousands of free meals to Israel Defense Forces personnel, McDonald's Turkey on Oct. 13 released a statement and emphasized that there was “no connection between the activities of McDonald's Israel and McDonald's Turkey,” adding that the latter was operated by the Qatari company Boehm.

“As McDonald's Turkey, we would like to announce that we will provide 1 million dollars of humanitarian aid support to the people of Gaza who are victims of war, especially women, children and the elderly,” it added according to reporting from state-run Anadolu Agency.

Similar attacks happened in the latest weeks in Turkey at other McDonald’s restaurants as well as at Starbucks and Burger King stores over their alleged support to Israel.

Recently, some Islamist groups have called for a boycott of Coca Cola products over the similar reasons, inviting restaurants to not sell their products.